GGMM E5 Bluetooth Speaker Review

This speaker has decent sound and looks good. I compared it to my favorite speaker I’ve used in this price range (a UE Roll II that a friend owns) and found the audio in many cases was improved with slightly deeper bass and more volume. That being said with a design like this it is difficult for the speaker to produce the deepest bass tones (bass requires moving air and a flat body with a closed back does not have as much air moved) so if you’re looking for really low bass found in rap and some electronic music you’re gonna have to go for something a bit bigger.

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GGMM Alauda In-Ear Headphones Review

Rating: 4/5

What I Like: 

  • Balanced sound profile with a clear mids and highs
  • Ability to equalize these headphones without too much quality loss
  • Tiny size
  • Comfortable fit
  • Tangle free cord
  • Durable build quality

What I Don’t Like:

  • Treble has a bit of ‘sparkle’ and is too accentuated at times
  • Included ‘sport’ ear tips are pretty but somewhat useless

Summary:  The GGMM Alauda headphones strike a good balance between audio quality, size and comfort. These headphones will be particularly enjoyed by those who prefer a flatter and more balanced sound profile as they are weighted a bit towards treble. That’s not to say they completely forgo the bass though – what’s there is detailed and can be punchy. They are comfortable, look good and sound good too.

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