Akaso V50 Unboxing and Review – Real 4K on a Budget


Skip to video samples: 2:57 | Buy the camera here | Full written review coming soon! | USB charger for Akaso V50 (does not include batteries) | Extra batteries and charger for Akaso V50 (compatible)

At $110, this is one of the least expensive real 4K cams available on Amazon. At the time of posting I think it’s one of the better deals for someone who wants more resolution than 1080p but doesn’t want to break the bank. This is my initial test and review, more testing and a full breakdown of video quality (including comparisons to other cams) will be released in the next few weeks.

The video quality isn’t as clean as something like the SJ7 Star or Firefly 8S and definitely not as good as GoPro Hero6 or Sony FDR-X3000 – it’s quite close though. But overall for the video quality you get versus price, this is a good deal for a cam available on Amazon Prime. Of course, spending this much from an overseas seller will net you a much better camera but that requires import and shipping time.

Included in this video is some drone footage, some biking footage and some driving footage.

Please don’t trust Amazon reviews on this cam, because Akaso has been known in the past to give free copies of the cam for 5-star reviews. Watch video samples and decide for yourself.

I think the V50 is definitely worth getting over the Akaso EK7000 and the Akaso Brave 4 since those are both fake 4K and there are cheaper cams with the same hardware as those two available on Amazon.

If all you need is 1080p, get the SooCoo C30 instead because it’s cheaper, has stabilization, bigger batteries and a real 12MP sensor (fake 4K though).

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  1. Excellent review. I bought this Akaso V50 for my son for airsoft battles. The 4k 30fps was pretty choppy but his head was moving from side to side a lot so I’m sure 30fps simply could not cut it. We did a test video at 1080 and 60fps and that seemed to run a lot smoother. One thing I wanted to ask about is the sound quality. I understand in the protective case the sound recording will be somewhat muted compared to out of the case. My bigger gripe. And the reason I ask you. Do you notice on playback a chriping or crickets sounding noise. It’s like it’s there in the background. It does not interfere with people talking it’s more “what is that odd noise in the background”. My son don’t care. But I was wondering. Since you gave such a great review. If you noticed the same thing. Thanks
    Rusty R
    Stafford VA
    PS. Your bike paths look way cool. I’m totally jealous

  2. hi Dreki. I want to try newer firmware. Do you have a link to something good?

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