KaiDeng K70C Sky Warrior Quadcopter Review

This is more of an informal, user experience based review rather than a technical review, as this is the first quadcopter I’ve ever used. The good news is that for the most part it flies fairly well, but there is a large learning curve for someone who has never flown before. Despite crashing the quadcopter hard a few times it still flies fine, but now the camera mount is broken beyond repair (and it is difficult to find replacement parts). Overall this has been a fun experiment, and I look forward to flying more of these in the future.

iLife V3s Robot Vacuum Review

Summary: This vacuum has good performance cleaning on hard floors and thin carpet. It’s made cleaning a lot easier as I can get other things done while the vacuum is doing its thing. If you’ve got carpet I’d recommend buying the iLife A4, but if you’ve got primarily hard flooring this little guy will do the trick. It won’t replace a traditional vacuum for those hard to reach areas or dusting up high, but it does make life a lot easier.

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1byone Portable Car Jumpstarter Review


Rating: 5/5


  • Can start a car many times without needing to be recharged
  • Bright light for emergencies
  • High-speed (2.1A) charging for mobile phones
  • Excellent build quality
  • Includes a plastic case


  • A USB hub is needed to charge multiple USB devices at once

Conclusion:  The 1byone portable car jumpstarter is something I keep in my car for peace of mind. It’s saved me on multiple occasions now as I was having battery troubles with my vehicle (it turned out one of the battery poles had cracked and now that it is replaced the car is fine again). It has the capability to jumpstart most vehicles many times – after the engine is started, it will recharge itself. I’ve had it in my car for a year now and I haven’t had to take it out and recharge it, and it’s worked every time I’ve needed it. The build quality is good and the case it includes is nice too. It’s great to have the USB port for emergency phone power too, but I wish there was two ports. Often I find myself needing to charge two devices at once. Overall, I would highly recommend keeping a jumpstarter kit in the car, and this has done the trick for me.
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