Are you paid to post reviews?

I do not accept payment in exchange for product reviews. In most cases I have either purchased the product or received a product in return for a review when a company contacts me. In every case, I give an unbiased review whether I bought the product or it was sent to me. This site uses affiliate links and advertising to generate revenue.

Why do you do this?

It’s a hobby for me. I am a strongly opinionated individual and I like getting a bargain. I strive to find the best deal before I buy therefore often I end up purchasing off-brand products. This usually results in comparable products at half the price, but sometimes I’ve gotten poor quality products even on things that have great reviews. I want to share my experience so that you skip the trial and error step.

I’m looking at (x) product, will you review it before I buy?

Unfortunately I don’t have the income to purchase every product that others would like reviewed. My advice is to do your due diligence, look around and take all reviews with a grain of salt. Remember that most reviewers have a single copy of their product to work with, and even if one in every five copies of a product arrives smashed to bits and unusable, it can still get a 4 out of 5 average review.

I bought (x) product on your recommendation and it came broken/was terrible! Help!

One of the problems with inexpensive technology is that the quality control standards aren’t as high. Sometimes you just get unlucky. Contact the manufacturer or company who sells the product directly. Typically they will set you up with a replacement at no cost. Most companies out there want a satisfied customer. Have patience and if you’re really nervous, buy from a site with a good return policy.

What’s with the name DrekiTech?

Dreki: Me

Tech: Technology

Why do some posts have a star rating while others have a lovely dynamic rating?

I used to review on Amazon more often, so I previously used Amazon’s star rating system. Unfortunately that system is more subjective than objective, so recently I’ve updated my rating style. I am slowly going through and modernizing the old reviews to match the new system. That is also why some ratings may differ between the videos and the written articles.

I wish to have my product reviewed by you. What do I do?

Please contact me for more information.