Generic Q9 Bluetooth Headphones Review


Rating: 3/5


What I Like: 

  • Decent overall audio quality with a good range in the low and mid tones
  • Extremely easy to pair and set up
  • Clear voice prompts explaining what is happening
  • Decent battery life
  • Acceptable phone call quality
  • Great appearance

What I Don’t Like:

  • Volume/Next Track button rattles and shakes
  • Treble is a little muddy at times

Conclusion:  The Q9 headphones are an inexpensive set of Bluetooth headphones that look good and have acceptable audio quality with deep bass and rich mids. Fans of bassy music will like these headphones the most – their bass is strong, but at times can muddy the treble. They’re not at clear as my current favorite sport headphones, the Mpow Swift, but most won’t notice the difference unless they have the two sets to compare. The Q9s have a similar punch in terms of bass, but some clarity in the treble is lacking. It wasn’t too obvious until I tried the headphones side by side, so chances are you’ll be happy with these if you don’t have anything else to compare to. The audio profile reminds me of Beats headphones and is great for dubstep, electronic and rap music. Call quality is overall acceptable. The headphones have the usual Bluetooth issues: I could hear callers fine, but they reported I sounded ‘distant but comprehensible’. These Q9 headphones are nice looking, but the $19.99 USD price point is a saturated market and there is better sounding out there.

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