Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K – Unboxing and First Look

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If you find yourself in a position like me where you want real 4K footage for your channel and don’t want to spend a ton of money this looks like a good choice.

Flying this compared to a manual drone is insanely easy. There’s a button to auto take off, another to land. A beginner mode for learning. It is easy to fly and will return to where it started if you lose signal. It goes pretty fast and has a good range. The battery life is quite long.

The app can be a bit complicated (hence why I’ll do a video just on it). Sometimes the drone would not take off due to compass error. You can fix the Mi 4K drone compass error by picking up the drone again and turning it to face north, then placing it back on the ground.

Mi also has a 1080p version but I think the 4K version is the way to go. If you only want 1080p just get the tiny DJI Spark instead.

Please be aware of laws and regulations in your area before flying drones.

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Accessories / Spare Parts

Action cam used for supporting footage: Xiaomi Mijia 4K
Head cam: Firefly 8S

Note: It says Chinese version but the plug I got was North America compatible.

Thanks for watching!