Recommended Action Cams

These are the best budget action cams and Gopro clones that I have tested. For most consumers, there’s no need to spend the money on a GoPro – these cameras will do fine enough. Be sure to

Overall Recommendation: Firefly 8SE

Why: This camera features consistent firmware updates, excellent quality video, real 4K and stabilization at 1080p 60. If you’re looking for an action cam and have approximately $120, this is the camera to get hands down. The next step up is almost double the price. The only downside is the lack of stabilized 4K. Get a gimbal for that!

Super Budget Recommendation: SooCoo C30

Why: It features 1080p 60, 2K 30 and has stabilization. Aside from some minor issues with colour reproduction, this is the best you’ll do under $75, and anything cheaper will likely be worse quality. I’d recommend this camera for someone on a tight budget, as it works fine but the audio quality and sharpness does not live up to the 8SE.

Best High-End Action Cam: Coming Soon

It’s down to the wire between the GoPro Hero 7 and the Sony FDR-X3000. Stay tuned for the winner!