December Giveaway #3 – Lightdow LD-4K Action Cam

DrekiTech December Giveaway #3 – Lightdow LD-4K Action Cam (GoPro Clone)
The Lightdow LD4K is a 1080p / 2.7K capable action cam (GoPro Clone) with a 2″ LCD screen, a 12MP Sony Sensor, and an included accessory kit. Enter to win! More giveaways are coming in January. Please follow us on social media (Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) for more contest announcements.

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Lightdow LD-4K First Look and Initial Impressions

This is yet another fake 4K camera based on the Novatek NT96660 processor and a Sony sensor. It does 1440p @ 30 FPS or a weird almost unusable 2880×2160 @ 24 FPS. Despite my critical comments in the video this cam does have some good things about it: I noted that this camera has a wider dynamic range than a few other Sony/NT96660 cams I’ve tested before meaning that bright and dark areas retain details better instead of getting too dark or too bright, but in many cases the video is almost hazy/greyish and colourless especially in direct light. Also the gyro and 60fps modes don’t exactly work. I’m going to play around with some firmware and see if I can find something better and/or hack together something workable then get back to you with a full review.

But is it worth $30? Yes, because at this price it is practically disposable. It’s remarkable that this hardware can be priced so low from a domestic seller. But at its regular price of $50, my advice is to spend a little bit more on something better such as the SooCoo C30.

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