Single’s Day 2018 – China’s Biggest Sale


Gearbest Sale || AliExpress Sale

Best deals I’ve found:

Make sure you do your research. Some sellers inflate cost to make it look like their item is a great deal. Other sellers will actually sell for higher than normal. Also pay attention to shipping prices as sometimes that makes the difference between deal or dull.

  • Cheap memory cards, SD cards, Micro SD Cards, flash drives
  • Cheap USB-C cables, USB-C accessories
  • Cheap tablets that don’t have name brand specs (processor, ram, memory)

Note that Chinese sellers do take a while to ship, expect the item 2 – 5 weeks after purchasing. Keep in mind warranty service is difficult to receive should the device not function as intended.

SooCoo C30 Deal – Only $36!

Link to Deal on Amazon US – Click Here

The SooCoo C30 has seen another price drop since our last post about it – this time down to an astounding $36. If you’re interested in a basic action cam but don’t want to spend the money on one, this is the cam to get. Click through the link about to get the deal.

Key Specs:

  • Max. real 1080p60 and 2.5k 30
  • Novatek NT96660 Processor
  • 12MP Sony IMX078 Sensor
  • Gyro Stabilization
  • Screen on back
  • Wi-Fi
  • 2 batteries

We don’t have an end date for this deal. Let us know if it’s gone by commenting below.

Read the full review of this camera here.


Action Cam Deals and Coupons, September 2018

There are some crazy good deals and coupons available this week for action cams. Gearbest is having their September sale and a bunch of sellers on Amazon are blowing out old stock since summer is over. If you’re looking for a cheap GoPro clone or budget action cam here are the best deals this week:

The Cheapest: SooCoo C30, $39.99

This is a killer deal on a decent budget action cam that is normally priced at $70. There are a few reasons we recommend the Soocoo C30 over other cams at this price point:

  • Real 1080p 60 and 2.7k 30 fps
  • Real 12MP Sony sensor
  • Image stabilisation
  • Two batteries included

The C30 isn’t perfect and that’s why it is so cheap. Ocasionally the colour gets a bit wonky and the audio quality could be better. But if you want to spend less than $50 on a cam this is a very good option. No coupon is necessary for the deal and there’s no indication when it will end so get it quick!

Update: The C30 with remote is now also $39.99! Check it out here!

Check it out the C30 on Amazon here, if the C30R is out of stock!


Our Favourite: Firefly 8SE, $120

This is our favourite sport cam we’ve tested to date. Since it is a fairly new release it does not go on sale often, and $120 is the best price we have seen it at recently. This cam has better colour reproduction, more detail, better audio quality and better low light than the SooCoo C30 so it is worth buying if you can spend the extra. Other key features include:

  • Better quality 12MP Sony Sensor
  • Real 4K at 30 fps and stabilised 1080p60
  • 720p at 240fps slow-mo
  • Touch screen user interface
  • Included USB mic

If we find a coupon code to bring the price lower, we will drop it here. In our opinion this camera is well worth $120.

Check it out at Gearbest here!


The Mid-range: ThiEYE T5 Edge, $95

If you can’t swing enough to buy the Firefly 8SE, the ThiEYE T5 Edge is a great choice. It features real 4K with image stabilisation, excellent colour reproduction and a simple user interface. Get the Firefly 8SE if you can, due to its better audio quality, but the T5 Edge is a great choice if you don’t have the extra to spend or you plan to use the camera in the waterproof case where audio doesn’t matter anyways. Its important specs are:

  • Real 4K with image stabilisation
  • Panasonic 14MP image sensor
  • 1080p 60 and 720p 120 fps

Check it out on Gearbest here!

Gearbest is currently doing their September Promo on Action Cams and there’s a ton of other good deals.

Check out the Gearbest September Sale here!


We’re constantly keeping our eyes out for good deals on technology and action cams. If you find one let us know on Twitter! Hopefully this helps you save a bit of money when you buy your cam. Thanks for reading.


Gearbest Coupons and Deals 2017

This is a list of coupons and tech deals I have found on Gearbest for 2017. I regularly update this list when I find new coupons and deals and delete old ones. If you notice anything that is out of date, please let me know! These items ship from overseas, so make sure you’re comfortable importing yourself and know our 7 tips for buying from overseas.

Real 4K Action Cameras:

Firefly 8S – Real 4K Action Cam (Recommended Cam)
Code: No code needed
Price: $98.99

1080p and 2.7K Action Cams:

Furibee F60 Action Cam
Code: (Unneeded)
Price: $25.99

Quelima SQ11 720p AVI Cam
Code: 26Q1CIT
Price: $7.99

Panoramic Cameras:

Xiaomi Mijia 360 Panoramic Camera (Recommended Cam)
Code: (Unneeded)
Price: $222.99


LeEco Le Pro3 4G Phablet Coupon
**Check network compatibility before purchasing**
Coupon: leproelite
Price: $153.99

Huawei Honor 6X Global Version Coupon
**Check network compatibility before purchasing**
Coupon: hdhonor
Price: $159.99

OnePlus 5T 128GB International Version Coupon (Recommended Phone)
**Check network compatibility before purchasing**
Coupon: oneplusgp
Price: $589.99

OnePlus 5T 64GB International Version Coupon
**Check network compatibility before purchasing**
Coupon: oneplus5y
Price: $509.99

Notebooks / Laptops / Tablets / Etc:

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro (i5 / 256GB / 8GB Ram) (Recommended Notebook)
Code: GBTPC14
Price: $875.99

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro (i7 / 256GB / 16GB Ram)
Code: MIPro16G
Price: $1125.99

GPD Mini Pocket Laptop and Gaming PC
Code: (Unneeded)
Price: $443.11


*Notebooks may include Chinese version of Windows. You will need to manually install the English version (or your local language).


Tech Deal: Sony A7 body for $398 @ Adorama!

Tech deal alert!

The Sony A7, one of their older full frame mirrorless cameras, is currently selling for $398.00 USD at Adorama. This is a fantastic camera and an excellent bargain, especially if you can grab yourself a kit with the RODE mic included. Good luck!

Note: as of now, the items are no longer available to add to cart. You may have better luck than I did!


PNY Storage Deal on Amazon! (Ended)

This deal has ended! Thanks for looking.

PNY is having a sale on all their storage today only on Amazon. There are some crazy deals on high-speed SDHC Cards that end in about 12 hours. Check them out if you’re in need of a new card for your camera or phone:

256 GB SDHC 95 MB/s: $64.99

128 GB SDHC 95 MB/s: $35.99

64 GB SDHC 95 MB/s: $18.39

32 GB SDHC 95 MB/s: $10.39

Micro SD Cards are on sale too, with decent speed ratings:

128 GB Micro SD 60 MB/s: $29.99

64 GB Micro SD 60 MB/s: $18.98

32 GB Micro SD 60 MB/s: $9.99

Tech Deal: SJCam SJ5000x Elite, $119 USD

I’ve been eyeing up this camera for a while, as SJCam is known to make some of the better budget GoPro knock-offs. At $119 it’s a steal for an action cam with a Sony sensor and image stabilizing, though note that the video isn’t true 4K – just upscaled from 2k. If you’re not ready to take the plunge without a proper review, I will be receiving one soon to review so hang tight!

SJCam SJ5000x Elite – Regular $149.99, Sale $119.99

Link to Deal

Expires: January 30th, 2016

Rogers Rumored to Honor Mobilicity Rate Plans After Buyout

If you live in a major Canadian city there may be some good news for you. Mobilicity, who was recently bought out by Rogers Communication, is offering a $40/month unlimited talk/text/data plan until the end of August. Mobile Syrup suggests that the buyout will proceed like Fido and Chatr, where customers on Mobilicity will have their plan rate honoured once the network transition is completed in the fall. What this means is if you sign up on this plan and are able to put up with spotty coverage for a few months, you’ll come out of the transition with an inexpensive unlimited plan.

If you do choose to go this route, there are a few things you should note:

  • Coverage on Rogers network after the transition may be limited to the Mobilicity zones – outside of these areas would be roaming and incur further charges. When Rogers bought Fido, they eventually offered a $5 add-on for Canada Wide coverage but there’s no guarantee that will happen.
  • You will not be able to get subsidized/free devices on these plans
  • Unlimited data speed may be throttled to 3G
  • Rogers may choose to not honour Mobilicity plans or cancel them at any time

If you’re willing to take a gamble more information about the promotional plan can be found here. This promotion is available until the end of August.

DrekiTech has contacted Mobilicity and Rogers for more information but has not yet received a reply.

SSD Deal – 512 GB for $139 [Expired]

This deal has expired, but it’s still a great buy at $169.99.

Transcend currently has their 512GB SSD on sale for $139.99 US.

I remember about this time last year when I picked up a much smaller SSD for this price. This is a great deal on a well reviewed SSD. Better order fast! This deal ends in 12h at the time of posting.

Click here to see the listing

In Canada, the 256GB SSD is on sale for $109 CAD. Not as good of a deal as the 512GB, but still not too shabby.

Click here to see the listing