Yulass Voice Recorder Review


Rating: 4/5


  • Professional-grade build quality with a full metal body
  • Decent recording quality
  • One-click recording
  • Includes a ton of accessories


  • Internal microphone does not mute when an external mic is plugged in
  • Too many buttons

Conclusion:  The Yulass Voice Recorder is a classy item, with an excellent build, a great kit and pretty good audio quality. However, because the internal microphone does not turn off when a mic is plugged in, it is hard to recommend to those who wish to use it with an external mic.

Where to Buy

Yulass Voice Recorder:
Amazon Canada | Amazon U.S.A.
Price at time of review: $45.99

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  1. hi, do you know how to retrieve the password, as i cant find where i wrote it down

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