SJCam SJ5000x Vs. Gitup Git2 Pro

Points the cameras share:



+ Smooth and fast transitions from light to dark environments – Significant compression artifacts on video (especially in low light)
+ Max real resolution of 2k @ 30 FPS video  – Hot pixels visible in low light
+ Sony imaging sensors for higher quality video and still images  – WDR mode reduces video details
+ Decent battery life (with Wi-Fi off) – No helmet mount included
– Slow and buggy Android app

 Where each camera beats the other:

 SJCam SJ5000x Elite

Gitup Git2 Pro

Far smoother and sharper 1080p60 video Significantly smoother stabilization
Better video colour and exposure Wider field of view
Slightly better video resolution Better auto white balance
Significantly brighter and sharper screen More detailed and brighter low-light recording
Easier to navigate user interface Slightly wider dynamic range
Better audio recording
Sturdier mounting hardware
Smaller overall size and weight
Faster startup time

Some of the negative points:

 SJCam SJ5000x Elite

Gitup Git2 Pro

Gyro anti-shake isn’t as effective Buttons prone to creaking
Field of view disabled when in Gyro mode Poor screen viewing angles
Gyro mode crops image significantly Inaccurate on-screen colour rendition

Video Crops:



Field of View Difference:



Still Image Samples:

Sports Camera




Where to Buy

SJCam SJ5000x Elite:
Amazon U.S.A. | Amazon CanadaGearbest
Price at time of review: $139.99

Gitup Git2 Pro:
Amazon U.S.A. | Amazon Canada | Gearbest
Price at time of review: $139.00 USD

*Use the Coupon Code GitUp2 at checkout on Gearbest to bring the price to $104.99!*

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  1. Very useful review, thanks! What is the firmware version on the cameras? I’m very interested in a comparison between these cameras with the latest sj5000x v1.3 firmware

    • SJCam: 1.2.5
      GitUp: 1.3

      Since I published the review both cameras have updated firmware to address many of the issues I mentioned: both address the blocky artifacts, SJcam addresses the Gyro, Gitup addresses the smeared frames. SJcam’s 1080p60 video is still slightly smoother; Gitup has better photos. I’ll post an updated review once I have had more time with the updates.

  2. Any idea when you will publish the update?
    Just trying to determine which to buy.
    What about their respective apps, are they comparable?

  3. Do you think the SJcam firmware update makes the gyro comprable to the Git2?

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