MPOW Swift Bluetooth 4.0 Earbuds Review



Rating: 4.5/5


  • Amazing sound for the price
  • Great blend of treble, mids and bass
  • Generally comfortable
  • Easy pairing; steady connection
  • APT-x compatible


  • Small buttons are hard to use
  • Some cord noise when moving

Summary:  The MPow Swift Bluetooth Earbuds surprised me. These headphones offer one of the best deals in terms of price versus performance I have seen with great sound quality.

Where to Buy

MPow Swift Bluetooth Headphones:
Amazon U.S.A. | Canada

Build Quality & Appearance

The MPow Swift headphones are made of shiny plastic. The buttons are small, meaning they can be hard to press, but they do have a nice click to them. The headphones certainly don’t look or feel as inexpensive as they are. One of the things I did notice right away is the little bit of cord noise when it hits clothing. It wasn’t enough to bother me with the volume though. Overall I’m quite happy with the build quality. They don’t look or feel cheap.


Audio Quality

Audio quality is a category where the MPow Swift headphones deliver. They have a decent range with pleasant bass and clear highs. They’re not as clear as some wired headsets I have tested, but they deliver far more for the price than I expected. There is absolutely no distortion and very minimal Bluetooth artifacts on both APT-x and A2DP enabled devices. Of course, it’s worth noting that the bass response on in-ear headphones depends on their fit: a well fitted set of headphones will produce better bass. When properly fitted, these headphones block out most outside noise. I would not recommend wearing them while running or cycling unless you are a very aware individual as vehicles can easily sneak up on you. To me, these headphones deliver adequate volume but I do prefer to listen to my headphones on lower volume than some people. I tested at a high volume and did not hear any significant distortion.


Battery Life

The battery life of these headphones is moderate, rated at 5 hours. If you work out approximately an hour a day you’ll have to charge them in twice a week. The battery life is not enough to last a long flight but it’s fine for their intended use. Due to the placement of the charger cable it would not be advisable to try and wear these while they are charging. It’s also worth noting that the cover protecting the micro USB charging port is quite hard to remove. Overall it’s one of the things that is good enough but not great about these headphones.



I found the MPow Swift to be bulky but overall generally comfortable. It took two or three times wearing them to get used to the extra weight they create on my ears, but after wearing them for a few hours I found I didn’t notice them any more.


Connectivity & Signal

The headphones paired and connected easily to any device I tested with. The signal has been strong and steady with minimal skipping. With my phone in my pocket and the headphones on there is no issues. With my phone on a table I was able to walk two rooms over before noticing any signal drop.


Other Notes

One thing that I found a bit silly about these headphones are the volume buttons. I feel like it would’ve been better if they were dedicated to change tracks, with press and hold for volume up and down like every other Bluetooth headset I’ve used.


Price at time of review: $29.99 USD



Overall I’m very satisfied with the MPow Swift headphones. Their value is remarkably high when comparing price versus performance and they work perfectly for their intended use. I would recommend purchasing these if you’re looking for a good pair of wireless earbuds for exercising.


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