Audio Technica ATH-M30x Review


Rating: 4/5


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Very balanced sound
  • Super build quality
  • Gorgeous design


  • Bass is a bit lacking on lower power devices
  • Not as good external noise isolation as higher models
  • Permanently attached cord

Summary:  The Audio Technica ATH-M30x headphones has a very balanced tonal range and is excellent for live monitoring during video recording, but will leave some listeners bass-hungry on their default settings. These headphones represent one of the best sound-for-price ratios at the time of review.

Where to Buy

Audio Technica ATH-M30x:

Amazon USA | Amazon Canada

Build Quality & Appearance

The M30x headphones are quite the lookers. Their design is bold with sharp edges and sweeping lines, and the matte black is the right tone of dark. The headphones themselves are extremely well built, with just enough flex for them to fit perfectly. The cord is long and thick and permanently attached. They can be folded to a smaller profile when not in use. These headphones scream quality.


Audio Quality

I’ve listened to these headphones across a multitude of devices and one thing keeps ringing true: these headphones deserve hi-fi audio. FLAC files sound the best, but lower bitrate files sound good too (some higher end headphones butcher them). I’ve noticed that some devices just don’t have enough power to drive these headphones to their full capacity and so the bass is lacking (this is especially true on my smartphone), however, on the right device their default calibration is the perfect mix of treble, bass and mid, with just enough oomph. The detail is fantastic and I find myself hearing little things I didn’t hear with some of my other headsets. They especially sound good in rock and metal, and sound excellent in electronic when the levels are tweaked a little with the equalizer. On the right device the M30x are the best sounding sub-$100 headphones I’ve tried to date.


In terms of outside sound isolation, they’re not as good as some of the higher end headphones I’ve used but they cut out enough noise that they work for monitoring levels while filming.



At first the headset was a little bit tight, but as they were broken in the comfort became apparent. I’m wearing them as I write this review and they feel great. The padding is just the right size to wrap around my ears and they stay on fine despite the heavy cable.


Other Notes

Price at time of review: $69 USD


Audio Technica has also thrown in a few extras with these headphones: a screw-off 3.5mm to 6.3mm jack adapter and a travelling case.



Overall, I think these are some of the best headphones for the money. Audio Technica has made a great product, whether you’re new to monitoring, want a headset to enjoy music or just don’t want to spend a ton of cash on a pair of great headphones, chances are these won’t do you wrong. However they’re not for everyone – for example if you’re a bass lover, these may not be your best option.


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